Latin Grammar for the Reading of the Missal and Breviary

By Cora Carroll Scanlon, A.M., Charles L. Scanlon, A.M.

This Latin grammar is intended for students who are entering seminaries or religious novitiates without previous study of Latin, for sisters in communities that recite the breviary, and for the growing number of lay people who use the Roman missal and the Roman breviary. Its twenty lessons, divided into fifty units, cover all the grammatical essentials for the intelligent reading of these two books. The vocabulary comprises the 914 words that make up the Ordinary of the Mass and the three Requiem Masses with their additional Collects, since these are the words that a daily user of the missal will encounter most frequently. However, to make the work as valuable as possible for those who use the missal in its entirety, as well as for those who wish to undertake the daily reading of the breviary, the Latin-English vocabulary at the end of the book includes not only all the words of the Roman missal, but also the complete vocabulary of the Roman breviary.