Un parroco risponde al suo vescovo che vieta la celebrazione ad orientem

Don Anthony Bus C.R., parroco della chiesa di St. Stanislaus Kostka a Chicago, ha ricevuto dal proprio arcivescovo la proibizione di continuare a celebrare la s. Messa (novus ordo) ad orientem (qui la storia).
Questa è la sua risposta, pubblicata sul sito web della parrocchia:

Father Anthony Bus C.R., pastor of the church of St. Stanislaus Kostka in Chicago, has received from his archbishop the prohibition to continue celebrating the (novus ordo) holy Mass ad orientem (story here).
This is his response, posted on the parish website:

Fr Anthony’s Letter on “Ad Orientem

The Holy Mass is the renewal of our fiat – a renewal of our covenant with the Lord and His Mystical Body. Therefore our primary participation in the Holy Mass and the renewal of our sacred covenant to the Lord is that we offer ourselves “a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God our spiritual worship,” quoting St. Paul. We do this in union with the sacrifice of Jesus, for Jesus, through Jesus, and in Jesus – to the glory of the Father. The Sacred Mysteries offered, “Ad Orientem” facilitates this so beautifully in preparation for Holy Communion, and always in anticipation of the Lord’s coming at the end of all things.

La Santa Messa è il rinnovamento del nostro fiat, un rinnovamento della nostra alleanza con il Signore e con il Suo Corpo mistico. Perciò la nostra prima partecipazione alla Santa Messa e al rinnovamento della nostra sacra alleanza con il Signore è quella di offrire noi stessi «come sacrificio vivente, santo e gradito a Dio (…) il nostro culto spirituale», per citare san Paolo. Lo facciamo in unione con il sacrificio di Gesù, per Gesù, per mezzo di Gesù, e in Gesù, a gloria del Padre. Offerti i Sacri Misteri, “Ad Orientem” facilita splendidamente tutto questo in preparazione alla Santa Comunione, e sempre in attesa della venuta del Signore alla fine di tutte le cose.

The Oxford Oratory

25 Woodstock Road

On Sundays the 11:00 Solemn Mass is Novus Ordo in Latin.

On Holy days of obligation the 18:00 Solemn Mass is Novus Ordo in Latin.

The Wednesday 18:00 Mass is Novus Ordo in Latin.

These Masses are also streamed on this YouTube Channel.

Le sante Messe della domenica alle 11, delle feste di precetto alle 18 e del mercoledì alle 18 sono Novus Ordo in latino e vengono trasmesse in diretta su questo canale YouTube.

Website: https://www.oxfordoratory.org.uk/

Video of Christ the King Mass.

Prima Missa in Louisiana

From newliturgicalmovement.org:

Fr Thomas Kennedy of the diocese of Alexandria, Louisiana, who was ordained to the priesthood on Saturday, May 22 2021, by Bishop Robert Marshall at the cathedral of Saint Francis Xavier in Alexandria, celebrated his first Solemn Mass the next day at the basilica of the Immaculate Conception in Natchitoches. The Mass was in the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo), celebrated ad orientem in Latin and English, and you can see from these photos, very much within the spirit of the Catholic liturgical tradition.

Da newliturgicalmovement.org:

Don Thomas Kennedy della diocesi di Alexandria, Louisiana (USA), che è stato ordinato prete sabato 22 maggio 2021 dal vescovo Robert Marshall nella cattedrale di San Francesco Saverio in Alexandria, ha celebrato la sua prima Messa solenne il giorno successivo nella basilica dell’Immacolata Concezione in Natchitoches. La Messa era nella forma Ordinaria (Novus Ordo), celebrata ad orientem in latino e inglese, e come si può vedere da queste immagini, molto nello spirito della tradizione liturgica cattolica.

St Mary’s Catholic Church, Greenville SC

111 Hampton Avenue
Greenville, SC 29601

Since 2008 Mass at Saint Mary’s Church has been celebrated with the priest standing on the same side of the altar as the congregation during the Eucharistic Prayer, a custom not widely seen today in the Catholic Church except for in the celebration of the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite, commonly called the Tridentine Mass. This custom of priest and people standing together on the same side of the altar is called praying towards the East or ad orientem, and at Saint Mary’s even the Ordinary Form of the Roman Rite – the Mass of the Second Vatican Council – is celebrated ad orientem. Here’s why.

Dal 2008, la maggior parte delle Messe nella St. Mary’s Church è stata celebrata con il sacerdote in piedi sullo stesso lato dell’altare della congregazione durante la preghiera eucaristica, un’usanza non molto diffusa oggi nella Chiesa Cattolica se non nella celebrazione nella Forma Straordinaria del Rito Romano, detta comunemente Messa Tridentina. Questa usanza del sacerdote in piedi e del popolo che stanno insieme sullo stesso lato dell’altare si chiama pregare verso Oriente o ad orientem, e presso la St. Mary’s Church anche la Forma Ordinaria del Rito Romano – la Messa del Concilio Vaticano II – si celebra ad orientem. Ecco perché.

From a parish in North Carolina (USA)

(Parish of Holy Redeemer in Andrews and Prince of Peace in Robbinsville)

“The rule in the diocese here is that any sanctuary renovation must situate the altar to that the priest might be able to offer Holy Mass versus populum and also possibly ad orientem. Only with the most extreme difficulty could Holy Mass be offered ad orientem with the previous situation of a necessarily altogether too small platform raising the altar above the rest of the sanctuary floor.
What we were looking for is a real altar. Accomplishing that provided the opportunity to remove the platform. Doing that meant that the altar could now boast of possibilities for both the “ordinary” and the “extraordinary” Roman Rite(s) of the Holy Sacrifice.
We’re preparing for the sake of charity and reverence altar rails or more accurately Communion rails. We’re in discussion stages for the construction and security of the logistics for the Tabernacle. The lectern, the credence table, what we call the Mary table are also in the works. This is being done with donations, not from the parish funds.
You’ll notice that the altar beginnings pictured above with one of our parishioners seems to lack depth, and even length. But you’ll have to use your imagination coupled with a knowledge of how this altar is going to be used, possibly from both sides. When the granite altar top, the mensa is installed, it will over overhang a few inches both sides lengthwise and about six inches depthwise both in front and back. And, not to worry, we’re making sure this will not be tippy as was the other altar. The previous altar could literally be pushed over with one finger, and that’s been that way for some 55 +- years.
We’re aiming for high quality. The porcelain floor is from India, the granite from Brazil (that being in mockery of Pachamama).
We want the best for our dear Lord, next to whose Sacrifice His good mom stands.”

Source: here.

Parœciæ ad Orientem

Se conoscete qualche parrocchia in cui si celebra con regolarità la s. Messa novus ordo secondo qualcuna di queste modalità:
ad orientem;
– in latino;
– con canto gregoriano;
– con distribuzione della s. Comunione sulla lingua, in ginocchio
segnalatecela all’indirizzo missaadorientem@gmail.com
Saremo lieti di aggiungerla al nostro elenco di parrocchie.

If you know any parishes where the novus ordo holy Mass is celebrated regularly in one of these ways:
ad orientem;
– in Latin;
– with Gregorian chant;
– with distribution of holy Communion on the tongue, kneeling
report it to us at missaadorientem@gmail.com
We will be happy to add it to our list of parishes.