Gregorian Chant in Practice & Performance – SJU Philadelphia

Gregorian Chant in Practice & Performance
Gregorian Chant in Theory & Practice: David Hughes, an internationally known chant teacher and choral director, will lead a workshop on fundamentals of chant at 2 p.m. on September 3 in the Nicoletti Music Studio’s Theory Room. At 6 p.m., he will direct a service of Latin Vespers in the Nicoletti Music Studio’s Ensemble Room. Beginners and experienced singers alike are welcome to join! Free admission.

Type of Event: Concert, Workshop
Affiliate School: College of Arts and Sciences (CAS)
Target Audience: All
Location: Nicoletti Music Studio (Maguire Campus)
Room/Location: 2:00 PM in Theory Room, 6:00 PM in Ensemble Room
Sponsor: Department of Music, Theatre & Film
Contact Email:
Contact Phone: 610-660-2277

Latin course launches on Duolingo

From The Catholic Herald:

Online language learning platform Duolingo has launched a new course for people who want to learn Latin.

The course, which launched at midday on Wednesday, already has several thousand people signed up, the company said. It is free to use and teaches the language through “bitesize lessons” that can be “taken at any time, wherever you are.”

“Ad orientem” worship: help against clericalism

From Fr Z’s blog:

For a moment let’s consider the negative sort of clericalism that is part of the The Present Crisis. There is a good kind of clericalism, in a healthy clerical identity. Let’s admit there is a negative clericalism. Surely it rose, in its present form, with constant focus on the priest who is forced by versus populum celebration to become the center of attention. The older form of Holy Mass kept the priest under tight control and made sure that he, as a person, wasn’t the focus.

Versus populum turning of Mass creates an expectation for the priest to perform and to become the reference point, who hectors (with the help of amplification) into a
“self-enclosed circle” as Joseph Ratzinger describes, but with the priest at the center, not so much as alter Christus but as “Just Call Me Bob”, who just happens to dress up in robes and sit facing the people in a finer chair than Caesar ever had.

Read full post here.

Card. Sarah: You want to rebuild the Church? Then we must get on our knees!

Card. Robert Sarah on The Catholic World Report:

We will not rediscover an understanding of the dignity of the human person unless we recognize the transcendence of God. Man is only great and most noble when he falls on his knees before God. The great man is humble and the humble man is on his knees!

My friends, if we sometimes despair in the face of the powers of this world, if we sometimes lay down our arms before the powers of this world, remember that no one has the power to take away your freedom to kneel! If impious priests abuse their authority and brutalize you to prevent you from kneeling to receive Holy Communion, do not lose your calm and serenity before the Eucharistic Lord. Do not resist them, but rather pray for these priests whose behavior blasphemes and profanes him whom they hold in their hands. Try to imitate the humility of God and let your heart, your will, your intelligence, your self-love and your whole interior being kneel. It is God’s exclusive domain. A man on his knees is more powerful than the world! He is an unshakable rampart against the atheism and folly of men. A man on his knees makes Satan tremble in all his pride!

All of you who, to the eyes of men, are without power and influence, but who know how to kneel before God, have no fear of those who want to intimidate you! Your mission is great. It is to “prevent the world from destroying itself”!

(Translation by Zachary Thomas)

Ad Orientem and Absolutism

Despite half a century of deprecation and de facto prohibition, the desire for ad orientem worship continues to grow, especially among younger priests and lay faithful. Why? Partly, no doubt, the practice’s fall into relative desuetude has given us the privilege of discovering it anew. The more basic and adequate explanation, however, is obvious: it continues to strike a profound chord in the human heart. In a culture of talking heads and information overload, of emotional manipulation and manufactured fellowship, of mutual admiration societies and collective navel-gazing, it’s hardly surprising that many people want to opt out of the cult of personality; that they want to pray with instead of being prayed at; that they want to gaze, together and as one, beyond themselves.

Read the full article by Fr. Charles Shonk, O.P. here.

Međugorje: Communion on the tongue

Međugorje: a new directive by Archbishop Henryk Hoser:
“By order of the pontifical delegate today, it will be possible to receive Communion only in the mouth. And no longer in the hands.”

(Source: here)

I cannot otherwise recommend the blog I linked to: it is apparently pro-Međugorje, which is an alleged apparition that we must approach with great precaution. CAVEAT LECTOR!

Diocese of Gallup (NM) – Turning Toward God

A new letter from Bishop James S. Wall regarding “ad orientem” celebration of the Mass at Sacred Heart Cathedral (read it here).

I have decided that, since the recent solemnity of Corpus Christi, the 11:00am Sunday Mass will henceforth be celebrated ad orientem at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart in Gallup.

(Traduzione della lettera in lingua italiana qui)